You can earn commissions through affiliate marketing by selling services or products offered from other companies. Affiliate marketing has become an efficient way to earn money while sitting at home in your pajamas on the couch. Also, becoming an affiliate for well-known companies is easy, and here’s how you do it..

Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing 1

1. Sell what you know

When you’re starting out, it is best to stick to marketing services and products you know and understand. This is known as ” picking your niche “in the online marketing community. Look for a niche that is about what you do or about your interests- look for something related either to your job to your hobbies or interests.
For instance, if you’re a blogger you’re better off selling books than fishing gear your marketing efforts are more likely to bear fruit if you focus on selling what you’re familiar with.

2.When you start out as an affiliate first thing that the companies you approach will want to know what their website reputation isn’t damaged you intend to sell your products on. This is because the companies need to make sure that their image by what the website publishes. 

Starting a website is no longer a job just for professionals. Plenty of sites such as WordPress can help you set up your own website.  To ensure that there is content on your website representative of their products. Your site should leave the impression you know what you’re talking about and the products you represent.


Don’t just go for the first affiliate program you find. Look for one related to your niche topic and offers those types of services and products.
One program you can try is Amazon. Since it’s a marketplace, just about everything is available there, which makes it more likely that products from your niche will be available there. The program is a popular and a great place to begin your foray into affiliate marketing.
Another option you can consider is ClickBank. It is popular among affiliate marketers. The reason is simple-companies on click bank have the reputation of offering excellent commission rates.

Joining an affiliate program is always free. You probably should be wary if an affiliate program wants your credit card information just to make you an affiliate. The chances are that it is a scam. Reputable companies charge nothing for allowing you to become an affiliate with their affiliate programs.
Recently wealthy affiliates (from here on known as WA) has added a free tool to help you identify affiliate companies that fit within your niche.
Companies will ask you for your PayPal or bank account information. Don’t be alarmed. This is so they can pay you commissions, not so they can take your money.

A great way to earn commissions without earning a reputation for just being a “sales site” is to incorporate the affiliate links in your content this makes people more inclined to click on the link and if they buy something you earn a commission. {YEAH}
For example, say you’re writing a review about an item you recently assessed and like. Make the name of the product a link to Amazon site that shows your visitor the prices for the commodity. Your readers can determine what suits them the most and by it.
The good news here is that it is effortless to get links for your site from these companies. How you get the links will differ but finding the links to products you want to sell isn’t difficult at all.
Most websites have areas depending on your theme to include imagery. Including images is a great visual aid for products that your site discusses.
Again, you’ll see that companies that have affiliate programs make it simple for you to get the links and images that will encourage your visitors to go to your sites.


If you want to continue earning commissions, you must ensure that people keep visiting your site. To do this, you must keep updating your site frequently and regularly with relevant content. Digital markers call this “content marketing.”
Just any old content won’t do. Your content has to be useful if you want your clients to keep coming back and click the affiliate links you have on your site, leading them to buy products from you.
Writing content for some people sounds very scary. WA offers fantastic training in content development. They teach you how to write as if you were talking to your next-door neighbor. Further for free in this comprehensive WA platform offers many tools, to assist with grammar and spelling errors.

If you want to know and understand the demographics of your visitors, Google analytics is your best bet. You can create content to fit their demographics,
You also need to keep an eye out for posts that have the highest number of visitors. You can think about adding affiliate links to posts that are getting more visitors.
If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, then you need to find out what works and concentrate on that. Remove what doesn’t work, you can find out what types of ads are working for you and what are not through the analytics the affiliate company provides and Google analytics. Obviously, you must use the ones that are working and remove the areas that aren’t.

Your business will go one of two ways either it will expand, or it will contract. If your business shrinks the returns, keep reducing. Therefore, growth is necessary. The gains you will receive will decline
Don’t just stick to marketing one product keep looking for new stuff you can sell. Keep going through the different affiliate sites also keep an eye out for new businesses that have just started affiliate marketing programs. Recently WA has added a new tool, that allows you to explore a significant number of affiliate companies. This is an excellent and free tool that saves you time and research.
Another thing to keep doing is promoting your business online regularly, and frequently you can ease email social media and various other ways to market your business so that your visitors keep returning because they know you provide good deals on services and products you market.


 Marketing tools can really help you decrease your workload so you concentrate on other aspects of your business. Most of these tools cost money for some this investment is worth it for myself personally I have not used outside sourcing to do my affiliate site work. One of the primary reasons I do not outsource my work is the WA platform offers so many free tools to assist you in creating maintaining and expanding your new affiliate website.


As an affiliate, this is the most significant aspect of the process there is no point in scrutinizing affiliate program details until you find a product you know your visitors will buy.

Is the product or service relevant to your site or page, Financial service banners on a beauty site look out of place? If you are working as an affiliate, this kind of intermingling serves only to distract the visitor’s focus.
Is the company site eye-catching and functional? The company sites should entice and look highly professional the sites that have broken links and are difficult to navigate are not so promising don’t direct your visitors to low-quality websites as they may damage your reputation. Does the program offer products and services at sensible prices. As a seller, you must believe in the products and services you sell. If you are not knowledgeable about the product, how can you market it effectively? Also, also check the pricing of products as they should be reasonable.

One possibility you should purchase a majority of the products you are promoting. Having firsthand experience with an item gives you the advantage over other affiliates that are not selling the same product. If the commission is 25%, you will only need to take as few as four sales to earn your money back. Although this is not always practical depending upon your product. Items you wish to represent may be cost prohibitive for you to buy them. This is where you need to do extensive research read a multitude of reviews so you can understand and garner information about the quality of your product.
Also, check and make sure the company you are representing provides excellent customer service. This is important, although not directly pertaining to you may receive emails from affiliates program customers because the company is not replying to their quarries. Unfortunately, there is really nothing you can do about this. You can offer to pass their request along using the email and contact information that was given you but keep in mind that if they do not meet the desired result, it will reflect on you and your business. I inquire about the customer service of any affiliate program; I am considering offering to my clients.  

In closing, these are the steps to becoming an affiliate marketer.  WA  includes the training to follow these steps. The process works if you follow their training, you can have a site using these basics up and running in a day.
In my next post, I will go into the steps of building a website. This process, with the free WordPress themes and training provided to you at no additional cost. I look forward to our ongoing conversation about starting you out as a successful affiliate marketer.PROGRAMS


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Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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