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{There are many designs to help you  you earn money from home,  with an online home business. An online business is the easiest to set up with minimal start up cost. All of this can take place from the convenience of your home.}

An affiliate marketer can receive extra income by promoting other people’s products and services. My favorite internet business involves creating content for a specific niche or otherwise known as a topic. Building an audience for generating revenue through internet advertising and selling various products, can be very rewarding. I refer to this business model as an authority website business since it involves becoming an expert on a subject and publishing content about the topic. Your ideas generate natural audiences that are interested in your niche by creating content targeted to them.

{ You will create your website like many other entrepreneurs. The pros of the affiliate marketing business are a minimum of operating expense. }

Your first year of running an online business, it is possible to generate several hundred to a few thousand dollars by becoming an affiliate marketer. The earning potential grows, as your online business matures. The strategies you used to build your audience won’t cost money. You’ll need a domain name or use Wealthy Affiliates SiteRubix to create a free site. You may also purchase, the domain name, it is the same as owning a piece of real estate.  Depending on the Domain name, these can sell for large amounts of money. Personal Domain names cost between 14 to 19 dollars a year. Since building an online business has minimal operating expenses, The money you earn is yours to keep.

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{When you create an affiliate site with Amazon, you sell their products at no cost to you and earn commissions. This is pure profit. }

It can scale your business up or down depending upon your needs and the work you put into the site you create. The amount of money you generate will depend on your topic and people’s interest. If you are an avid hunter and choose this is as a topic, it will be simpler for you to develop content about your niche. The knowledge you have will make it easier for you to write content about it. Your new home business will not have long-term contracts or set cost for you to undo. A passive income gets no easier than this.

I’m not saying you can work once and generate revenue forever. However, your ongoing revenue isn’t tied to you working on your business every single day so you can take a vacation or the cruise of your dreams and your income will not stop. While you’re not working. First, your site must have established traffic. Income for a home business can be niche dependent. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose a niche about a topic you are passionate about or have a great deal of knowledge. Again an excellent example of this is camping, hunting, quilting, health and fitness, herbs and wellness, the list goes on and on. If you are interested in a topic, then the chances are millions of others are. It does, however, take time for your audience to find your website. This is where a platform such as Wealthy Affiliates can help you learn how to set up a home business of your choice and generate traffic. 

In the beginning, there is a significant time commitment, to Build and maintain your website, by creating content. If this sounds overwhelming not to worry, following the steps of the program and the training will make these tasks less daunting, even easy.  If you choose an issue that solves a problem, you will find that someone is searching for this information for every single day by millions of people. How many times have you gone to Google and searched for a solution, a particular product or a review of a product? Most of your traffic will come via large companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Chewy or hundreds of large companies that recruit affiliates to market their products. For your business to work, you need traffic that routinely visit your website. You can run ads on your affiliate site that also generate income. An example of this is AdSense.

You must attract a group of followers are as passionate about your niche and enjoy reading your content for your business to succeed. Therefore, it is so important to choose a niche you are knowledgeable or passionate about, and there will be a built-in audience for you. It is essential to create content that people want to read. The size of your audience will be the only factor that limits your business growth. Think of what you love doing camping, fishing, gardening, bird stations, pet care weight loss or solving problems for people. These are high generating traffic sites. 

You may worry at this point about writing content. You don’t have to be or grammatical genius. People want to read content as if you’re having a general conversation with them. The wealthy affiliate program has a built-in grammar and spelling software program.

Therefore, spelling and grammatical issues are not a worry when generating content. In a later blog, I will review all the specific details about the built-in tools at no additional cost. You can use these tools and training for free. Put your credit card away. You can remain a free member for any length of time. When you are comfortable and have joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform, added advantages will open for you.

 I remained a free member of the platform for several months and  built my first website. At which point I realized the actual value of the Wealthy Affiliate program, and wished to join the full training program, community and have access to all tools. 


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  1. Sounds very interesting. I like the fact that it’s free to start the basic process, and if it is something that I’d want to invest my time and effort into and pursue, it’s still an affordable option. Definitely something to consider and look into!

    1. Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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